City of Brandon Now Requires Permits for Residential Roofing

To serve the public interest, the City of Brandon now requires permits for all residential roofing projects exceeding 100 square feet in area. It is in the best interest of the community for the City to ensure roofing work is done by accredited contractors and workmanship held to the standards of the International Residential Code adopted by the City of Brandon. This requirement will begin immediately. For more information, please contact the City of Brandon Community Development Department at (601) 824-4580.

When Required:

A permit shall be required for all new roof assemblies and re-roofing of an existing roof covering exceeding one hundred square feet (100 feet of roof area). Small repairs and general maintenance do not require a permit.

All new roof assemblies and re-roofing of an existing roof covering shall comply with the provisions of the International Residential Code Chapter 9 including design, materials, construction and quality.

The contractor/permit holder shall be responsible for ensuring the structural roof components are capable of supporting the roof covering system and the material and equipment loads that will be encountered during installation of the roof covering system.

Submittal Requirements:

• Completed permit application by an accredited contractor registered with the City of Brandon

• Scope of work to include the total roof area, type of roof, materials list and ventilation requirements

• Valuation of the proposed work (including materials and labor)

• Any other data/information as required by the Building Official

Permit Fee:

A fee for each permit must be paid as required. The amount shall be determined based on the valuation of the project in accordance with the permit fee schedule.


A visual inspection of the completed project may be performed. A mid-term inspection, or other random inspection, may also be performed depending on the complexity of the project.